We are members of the Dell PartnerDirect program. We have spent millions of dollars with Dell, purchasing equipment for our clients. These are by far, our happiest clients. No one likes to spend extra money because they saved some money when buying a PC “off the shelf at a retailer” – and they later realize it had far less value than they thought.

We “sell” our time to you, in hopes you will find our type of service to be exactly what you seek – but along with that we often have to obtain the right equipment for you too, because it results in the best value. Allow me to explain, the following is important – like the choice of vehicle to make… it has real impact on the journey.

There are very inexpensive PCs sitting on a shelf at a local big box store right now. These PCs are almost exclusively home PCs, not business PCs. These units may not survive the type of power spikes and surges we have in southwest Florida, these units come with little technical support, they may be very difficult to modify/upgrade, they likely have a home version of the Windows operating system which requires an immediate upgrade (for more $), they come loaded with software known in the industry as “bloatware” – which should be removed, unless you like losing space on your computer to software you don’t need… and don’t mind reminders popping up with sales pitches enticing you to purchase. Ugh!

Current Windows versions include an integrated antivirus program called Windows Defender – however you cannot get to use that free version until you figure out how to correctly remove the subscription-based bloatware that was loaded – but hey they “gave you 30 free days!” It was put there to sell you something that Microsoft already built into the system. All the time it takes to upgrade the PC to a Windows “Pro” version (which your accounting software or network may require), remove the junk software, disable the costs-extra antivirus which you don’t need… to pay yearly – and implement the Microsoft antivirus solution which has been purposely disabled… it simply takes tech time which isn’t free. At the end of that time, you still have a cheaply made, poorly supported, difficult to upgrade PC. I could show you invoices for hours of work required to integrate a “value” PC into a fairly workable unit. We don’t want to sell you equipment – we prefer if you got online or the phone (with our knowledge) and make the best investment possible… but few have time for that – and fewer have the insight we can offer to make the best investment.

We sell Dell (and other) equipment.  PCs, Servers, and all the other goodies necessary to properly invest in a business IT infrastructure. Dell has made us part of their Dell Partner Direct Program. It’s like being a big Dell customer who gets special treatment and terms, gets pre-sale support, and special discounts.

We sell particular lines of PCs, the business type.  While they are not the cheapest, they are the best value. Certain lines of Dell equipment is made for business. It does not come loaded with all that bloatware. It is made of components which are proven to yield the highest compatibility and up time. Businesses don’t need to invest in something that needs updates and fixes – there are leading edge PCs (like home and gaming PCs) which are being designed and built so fast, they can’t possibly know the compatibility issues. Dell even makes those for great prices – but they are not meant for business. If, 6 months down the road, you want a second PC like the first you obtained through us – well Dell likely is still using the same components and offering the same item. In business, we just want things to work – the equipment you obtain should be a true investment for the future based on proven technology and backed by the best technical support. This support is not the same group that supports gaming or home PCs – this is a business group with next business day parts. There is a great value in the Dell brand, our relationship with Dell, the specific product lines, and after sale support – which can be extended, and often is for peace of mind. Pulling a PC out and replacing with new takes resources, while extending warranty support for an asset can be a wise choice.

One other thing, get your quotes in writing with specific information. Something like Intel I7 processor means little to me – it’s like saying “white van”. However, an I7-4790 tells me the true specifications. People buy systems thinking it has a very powerful processor, only to find they unknowingly bought a slower version – like an Intel I7-3770… and at a premium price the better processor commanded.

Buyers… please beware!




We have been partnered with Microsoft since the inception of their partner programs.

Microsoft Partners provide Microsoft services on behalf of Microsoft worldwide spanning many fields including OEM, Education, Software providers and Technical Support.  Microsoft partners also have 24-hour access to Microsoft Support, which enables them to give better customer relations and support to a customer. Microsoft Partners have been in business for at least 5 years, has passed several tests, and has proven skills in their particular field. Microsoft rewards these partners with discounts in tools that are applicable to their activities – and many other benefits.

In return for participation in the program, partners gain support services and tools from Microsoft, often at a significant discount to their face value. However, over the lifetime of the contract some risk is transferred from Microsoft to the MCP in return for the benefits of the association with Microsoft and the ability to sell the support services.

Please choose your IT service provider carefully, the provider should be big enough to satisfy Microsoft’s requirements – and the average “computer guy”, while possibly may offer you perceived value – does not have the assets available that a Microsoft Partner does






Comcast Business Class Authorized Connector

Are you a home or business looking to take connectivity to the next level? Interested in Comcast Business Class or Xfinity residential services, but feeling overwhelmed with the number of packages and options? We can help you get connected, and with the right people – the first time. Through the Authorized Connector program, we will explain to you which services are available in your area and will best fit your needs.  Internet access, VOIP, TV service – just let us know if you’re upgrading or moving and our past experience tells us you will have a trouble free experience.  We deal at a whole other level, the level that deals with the professionals directly.


We have numerous other partnerships, here are a few:

Nordic Backup – Secure Cloud Solutions

Axis (Cameras)

Trendnet (IP Cameras, Power over Ethernet switches)


Cisco Systems



…and many more.