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Better Roads, including affiliated all trucking companies and asphalt plants
The Club at Sterling Oaks
Alison Craig Home Furnishings
Matthew J Soldavini CPA
Matulay's Contractors Supply
C. Matt Joyner, P.A. Architect
All Locks Locksmith Services
Hello, Gorgeous! Salon
Old Naples Builders
Haase Construction Co.
Power Corporation - Real Estate Developer

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We think we know why you're here looking...

Are you tired of waiting hours, or even days for scheduled work to be performed?

Are you finding that your Managed Service Agreement doesn't cover much, and there's always a reason why today's problem isn't covered?

Are you tired of getting a different tech every time?

Are you tired of getting incompetent support?

Does your provider charge you while they stand there and compute your bill on site?

Is your provider convincing you that some super secret programming (that only they understand) is keeping your system running?

Does your provider have "salesmen?" - who has little idea of the technical challenges of his "solution?"

Do you think you've been oversold?

Did your provider convince you that somehow voice, video, and computer data are "different", and require their special wizardry?

Does your software licensing seem to exist only on your provider's invoices, but nowhere else?

Are you seeking a firm you can finally trust?

In a contract?, and wondering why they get money but you don't get serviced?

You've come to the right place. So have many other clients, who've just had enough of the nonsense.

Some history

Established in 1995, Network Support Solution of SW Florida, Inc. has been an area leader in computer and networking technical support.  We offer related hardware and software as a convenience to our customers to assure they receive the precise products they need.

Initially established while Novell was a dominant network operating system, our President – Bob Hubing, attained Novell’s highest technical certification of Master CNE and went on to attain his Microsoft Certification.  Bob appreciates the quality of support that comes with industry recognized technical certifications and relies heavily on them when staffing.

One example of Bob's accomplishments was at Naples's largest performing arts hall located in Pelican Bay.  Bob combined two dissimilar networks into one.  Prior to that, the ticketing system sat on a 3Com network, and the administrative system was Novell-based.  The odd result of this was many desks had 2 computers, operating off two types of cabling that ran throughout the buildings.  Data was copied to a diskette from PC 1, then inserted into PC 2 for use - a waste of time and resources.  Although the ticketing system vendor support said this couldn't be done - Bob, an certified expert at both networking systems - examined the protocols and designed a common sense method to run both ticketing and administration systems from single PCs, and off a common cabling topology.  This type of change resulted in greater efficiency, flexibility, lower support costs, and lower equipment costs.

Our business grew steadily, and since - Microsoft has taken over the dominant position of network operating system manufacturer.  Network Support was an early member of Microsoft’s Solution Provider program, which has since evolved over the last decade or so with differing names.  Network Support Solution continues to be a partner with Microsoft, as well as many mission critical IT hardware and software vendors.

Bob is a strong believer in integrity – doing the right thing for the customer.  We rely on referrals from our customers and have no outside sales staff.  New clients sometimes tell us how a competing salesman sold them services which the competitor’s staff didn’t deliver.  This is not how Network Support Solution operates, and exactly how we gain clients who seek an honest, ethical IT support firm.

As long as we have physical access to the server/pc/router/etc - we can break administrative passwords and re-assign - never let a someone make you believe you're stuck with them because you don't know passwords. Passwords belong to you anyway.  We appreciate the confidence our customers continue to place with us – and suggest that if you’re not happy with your IT service and support company, just give us a call.

Technical and other information.

We are computer and networking professionals, not "geeks".
We carry general liability and workman's comp insurance, do not use subcontractors, hold a valid county occupational license, and remit sales tax to the State.
We have credit terms with vendors such as Dell Computer Corp.
We meet Microsoft's yearly certification requirements.
Our clients enjoy a 2-week period to bring problems to our attention so we may resolve them as warranty work.
Our clients enjoy Net15 terms for our services, we do not demand payment at the time services are rendered.
Software and licensing purchases must be paid in full prior to us placing the order as these are put into the client's names.
Equipment sales require a 50% deposit, with the balance due upon delivery.

Technical Support

By hiring and retaining a highly skilled technical staff, with expert knowledge across the IT spectrum, we are able to offer the following services and more:
Break/fix work as requested/required
Strategic guidance and tactical decision making
Global infrastructure LAN and Wide Area Network topology design
File and Application Server design, implementation and management
Proactive remote monitoring
Remote administration
Reliable Internet access
Remote Access
Wifi installation and expansion
Network and server optimization
Virus, Malware, Power, Data Backup Protection
Firewalls, routers and switches of most all types
Disaster Recovery plans and systems
Application management and integration
Needs analysis
Cabling design and recommendations
Database design and management
Electronic imaging systems
Workflow automation
Project management
Building/Testing/Breaking and Fixing Security
...and so much more...

Please call us today at 239-649-1711.